Front squat
Heavy 2

12 min AMRAP
6 Dbl KB Clean & Jerk (5/5) – 53/35
12 Handstand push ups (Scaled option -3 wall walks)

**Finally getting some squat work in this week. If you’re sore from the toes to bar and swings from Wednesday, consider spending some time rolling out your lats. You might not only find some immediate relief, but it will help improve your front rack position as well.

And hopefully your paws aren’t *too* sore from the swings, snatches, and T2B, as we’ve got some double kettlebell work following. It’s better awhile since we’ve doubled up on the KBs, so make sure you spend some time on your lats, tspine, and pecs, to make sure you can put the prescribed – or any! – weight overhead with good form. The reps here are much fewer than Wednesday’s chipper, and the time domain in set on this couplet, so really make sure to get in good clean and a solid jerk. The latter is the same movement as in Monday’s triplet, but with a different piece of equipment.

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