1- 1×12 2-KB Press
2- ME Deadbug/Hollow hold
3- Rest

12 min AMRAP
5 Dball cleans – 100/60
7 KB snatches – 70/53 (per arm)
9 Wall balls – 30/20

**Back for some more double KB pressing, bumping up the reps a touch from 10 last Monday to 12 today. Always try to do the set unbroken with slow, controlled movements, pausing 1 second each overhead and in the rack position.

Workout has you moving some more heavy KBs and this in the form of a snatch, in addition to heavy dball cleans (with a squat) and heavy wall balls. I sense a theme. Keeping the reps on the lower end to allow you time to get through each movement. The snatches can be done from the ground or hang/swing, and you can break up the reps however you want so long as you complete 7 reps per arm. This looks hard and will be a good challenge. Have fun with it.

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