Running WOD
10 x 400m, 90 sec rest

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**The goal today is to focus on your cadence – quick turnover as your run. I’ve mentioned in past posts/videos about thinking of your legs as pistons in an engine pumping up and down. Another example would be that the ground is lava, and anytime your foot touches the ground you want to pull it up under your body as quickly as possible. Read that again – the running motion is a pull, not a push – as we work on Pose running.

Another focus today is on the recovery since we’re cutting that down from 120 to 90 seconds. If you don’t do it already, work on nasal breathing – in and out through the nose. Find a good rhythm that works for you, such as in 3 seconds then out 6 seconds, to bring your heart rate down and get you ready for the next interval.

Try to maintain times within 3-5 (8, tops) seconds of each other.


^Distance and time based workouts. If you have access to a Garmin or another type of GPS device that you can program in the distances/times, that would be ideal. Otherwise, make do with what you have.

Warm up
3-5 min easy running/moving – include some skipping, grapvevine, etc
3-5 min dynamic stretching – high knees, butt kickers, straight leg raises, knee to chest stretch, walking hamstring stretch, air squats, jumping air squats, Cossack squats
Running drills – choose at least 2 from below. Repeat at least 3 times for reps (10/side) or distance (20+ meters)
Sprints 3-5x – fall and sprint, increasing the distance.

Running Drills

Hop and lean, aka ‘bunny hops’
Alternating foot pulls in place
Lean and pull – do about 10 pulls on one leg, then switch legs.
Practicing foot pulls at a wall