Running WODs
6 x 400m, 2 min rest (or 6 x 2:00 on/2:00 off)

After your 6th interval, rest an additional 3 minutes

Additional Optional Work
3 x 200m, 1 min rest (or 3 x 1:00 on/1:00 off)

**These workouts are intended to prepare you to run a 5K in 8 weeks. There will be 3 workouts posted each week – short, medium, long(er) – and will vary based on time and distance. Everything is meant to be completed in an hour, as with a CrossFit class. Along with the class, there will be a warm up, skill work, the main WOD, and a cool down.

Yes, this is for everyone. There will be ‘Additional Optional Work’ you can do if the have the time or experience.

What I’m looking for today are baseline numbers and getting used to pacing. We’re used to running around the block (400m) or to the alley and back (200m), but what does that feel like when we don’t have to do pull ups, swing a kettlebell, or jump on a box?

These are intended to be fast, but not all out sprints. Try to keep each interval within 3-5 seconds of each other.

And that’s why I encourage a good warm up and drill work to get you primed and ready to go.

It’s simple!*
3-5 min easy run/moving.. skipping, hopping, grapevine
3-5 Dynamic stretches – Cossack squats, straight leg raises, walking hamstring stretch, knee to chest
5-10 min drills – bunny hop to lean/run; quick pull, fall/sprint (links added later – check out IG live/FB live posts for demo)
3-5 sprints of increasing distance – 50-100m

*I did this exact warm up this morning at Lincoln Park and did the drills and sprints between 2 trees of a decent distance – sprinting to, then walking back to my starting position.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this workout or the program in general. You can reach me via Instagram @jendoesstuff, via email, or via text at 202-271-8959


My results

2:08.08 – 8:35
2:03.19 – 8:15
2:03.02 – 8:15
2:02.97 – 8:14
2:04.19 – 8:19
2:00.79 – 8:05

:53.88 – 7:13
:56.30 – 7:33
:54.74 – 7:20