For time
30 Clean and jerks – 135/95
^9 min time cap##

Skill Work
EMOM x 16
Even – Gymnastics movement
Odd – Barbell movement

**We’re continuing with the clean and jerk theme from Monday, and now we’re doing the CrossFit version of the clean and jerk where we want to finish the workout as quickly as possible… within the time cap of 9 minutes.

Building on last Thursday’s EMOM work of pull ups/muscle ups and handstand push ups, you’re going to have some more time to work on a gymnastics movement that seems to be your nemesis. Maybe that’s handstand push ups, maybe that’s pistols. You’ll alternate that movement every minute with a barbell movement. If you’ve missed the days we’ve snatched, that might be something to work on today. The idea is to keep the reps around 3-5, so you’re working for no more than 40 seconds. This shouldn’t turn into an AMRAP where you’re rushing between movements the entire 16 minutes. It’s hard to learn a new skill if you’re fatigued, so we want to avoid that breakdown. You should be experiencing some fatigue already from having completed “Grace”, so keep that in mind when choosing your movements.

Talk with your coach(es) as they will be more than willing to help you work on your weaknesses.

##Compare to 5/16/18

##Compare to 9/13/17

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