Strength 1
Power clean
Heavy 3

Strength 2

Jerk – from racks
Heavy 1

Optional cashout/accessory work

30 sec – bike max calories
50 banded good mornings (green/purple)
50 banded pull aparts (orange/red/blue)
30 sec – bike max calories

**The first of three days with clean/overhead work. Giving you a heads up so you can get in the necessary additional mobility work that you need. If you were at Sunday’s Gainz club, which is 1 of our 5 programmed strength days, you’ll get in some extra clean and jerk work today. Proceed with caution.

This is a great chance to work on your footwork, too. Remember, a missed power clean is a squat clean, so your feet should be moving from under your hips (pull/push/jump position) to just outside your shoulders (squat/landing position). Try to avoid looking like a starfish.

And with the jerk, work on an aggressive down/UP to get the barbell off of your shoulders along with a speedy second drop to lockout the bar overhead. No need to rush the recovery. Take a few seconds to check yourself before standing up with the bar.

Fun little cashout work, not for time. And some ‘programmed’ resistance with the bands. I saw people last time using the same one on both movements, so hopefully this makes a little more sense. Remember, you can do all or none of it. Otherwise, get in some mobility work.

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