Push press
Heavy 1

12 min AMRAP
200m run
5 Dips
7 Push press – 75/55
9 Thrusters – 75/55

**I hope you’re flying high after yesterday’s deadlifts and are ready to hit some more PRs. Instead of pulling we’re going to be pressing and going overhead. I know the coaches will be on you to stick to a push press – single dip/drive – instead of a jerk, where you’d dip a second time to catch the bar overhead. Strong glutes, strong core to keep that bar over your center of mass instead of turning it into a standing bench press.

The workout will get you moving, and the weight for both push press and thrusters *may* seem light, but you’ll be moving and getting in a decent amount of volume. Have fun with this one and keep moving through it as there is really no place to rest since the reps are low on all three movements with a short run for good measure.

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