Front squats
Heavy 3

2 Turkish Get-ups – 53/35 (1/1)
12 Sit ups (no GHD scale)
^12 min cap

**Hopefully your legs aren’t too sore from Tuesday’s Man Maker and are ready to take on some front squats. We’ll be bumping up the volume *next* week, so enjoy today’s workout while you can. A constant reminder here — elbows, elbows, elbows. Keep them high, drive them UP. If that bar starts sliding down your shoulders — aka, your front rack — it becomes harder and harder to stand that bar up. And if you hated yesterday’s dball holds to the gut, use that same tension to protect your back then today. It will also help keep you upright so the bar doesn’t slide down you.. IT’S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE HERE, PEOPLE!

Here’s a pretty cool – and FAST! – workout that will have you racing against the clock. I have a love/hate relationship with Turkish Get-Ups (TGU). They are a fantastic movement that works the whole body with a focus on shoulder stability, yet they are hard to program in workouts. I like to keep reps on the low end as the demand of the movement should be on technique vs speed. If you are a speedy get-uper-er, I challenge you to go up in weight on this one.

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