24 min AMRAP
500m Row
7 Man Makers – 45/30
20 sec dball hold – 100/60

**Heckuva way to start the week — knocking out our double strength day on Day 1, then following it up with a long workout. We’ve got you back on the erg after last Thursday’s 250m sprint. This 500m is still considered a sprint, but keep in mind that you still have more work to do with the Man Maker’s and dball holds. Keeping the weight on the MMs on the lighter side today to keep you moving through them at a good clip. The dball holds usually get to people due to the placement of the ball on your gut. Well, that’s sort of the point. Yeah, it’s going to be uncomfortable — get comfortable.

This is a good time to talk about proper bracing to support the dball because it will come in handy when we do our heavy deadlifts on Friday. Is your low back sore after dball holds? I’d venture to guess you’re not squeezing everything God gave you. Here’s a simple warm up – side planks, regular planks. That’s it! Now, that’s not the *only* thing you need to do, but it’s a good start. Planks should be work; you’re not there hanging out. Squeeze!!

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