Strength 1
Power Clean + Hang Power Clean

Strength 2
Glute bridges
3 x 10

Optional Accessory/Cashout Work
3 x 10 – 15 Heavy Rus KB swings

**Starting the week off with a bang, and making a statement with our double strength day. Moving to cleans before going back to some snatching next week. As I mentioned in Fridays IG LIVE story, an easy way to remember where to start/end a clean or snatch is to look for the words ‘hang’ and ‘power’. The former will tell you where the barbell with start — hang = at or above the knees. And the latter will let you know if you’re going to finish above or below parallel. If you see the word power, you’ll stay above parallel. And if the word is not listed, you’ll be squatting. So today we’ll first be moving the barbell from the ground to shoulder without squatting, and then from anywhere above the knees to the shoulders and still staying above parallel.

We’ll follow that up with some glute bridges, which can be done on boxes (20″ high), benches (18″) or dballs (14″). Shorter peeps might find using a dball as a fulcrum easier to get your shoulder blades and upper back onto.

The optional accessory work gets you pumping that posterior chain again with some heavy swings. You can use a single or double KB here, but the goal is to really really use you posterior chain to move the weight. Hip and knee extension, and the bell shouldn’t travel higher than your bellybutton on these. We want power. Again, this is accessory work, but it’s a great way to train your glutes.

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