Push press
Heavy 2

15 Box jumps (24/20)
12 Push press (75/55)
9 Toes to bar

**Wrapping up our press series with a heavy 2 push press. Is there room for a heavy single? *maaaybe*. You’ve see the push press EMOM style, sets of 12,10, 8.. alternated weekly with pull ups, and heavy 5s and 3s. And here we are. One thing to think about today is making sure you have a strong rack position from which to launch the barbell. When unracking the bar, think of your shoulders taking the place of the J-hooks. You want a solid base from which to start the push press, not having the bar sliding down your chest. And if you lean back or tip forwards, the path of the bar is going to be altered. Keep it in place, unrack the bar with purpose.

You’ll see the push press in the workout, but at a lighter weight. A twist on Open WOD 12.3, with the work you need to do fixed, and lighter weight on the barbell. Should allow you to go unbroken (at least a few rounds) on the push press, and move steadily through the rest of the movements.