Pull ups

*12 min time cap

Skill Work
EMOM x 12
1. Odd – gymnastics
2. Even – weight lifting

**Starting things off with the benchmark of all CrossFit benchmark workouts – “Fran”. This classic couplet, paring upper/lower push/pull movements, strives to get that heart rate going. We have a generous 12 min time cap, but would like to keep you closer to 9 minutes to keep that intensity UP!

Once you’ve taken some time to recover from the workout, we’ll follow up Fran with some skill, aka “Goat”, work. Similar to our gymnastics day, it’s a chance to slow things down and focus on technique while the body is a little fatigued.

Start thinking about what movements you’d like to spend a little more time on today. And we’ll wrap up the day with some bicep curls, so no need to include that as your weighted movement 😉

*Compare to 9/13/19

Compare to 1/18/19, 4/11/18, 7/27/17,