Pull ups
15 min dedicated to pull ups, muscle ups, etc.

KB snatch/arm (53/35)
7 Box jumps (30/24)

**Getting in some pull up work before tackling “Fran” on Friday.

Saving the pull ups for Friday and keeping them out of the workout, which has you doing snatches – more grip work! And this time with a kettlebell v dumbbell, which is out go-to piece of equipment for snatches in addition to the barbell. This changes things a bit, not only with the grip, but the movement is slightly different due to the placement of weight – centered down the arm vs on both sides. There’s also the weight being ON the forearm, which can be bothersome if your timing is off and you let the KB flop over your hand. Be in control! Be aggressive! Yes, it’s nice to have the DB as a ‘back up’, but CrossFit is about learning new skills even if they are uncomfortable, and the KB snatch is one of those movements.