Hey Old Cityzens!

Okay.. I’m late! But I’m not going to make the ol’ “read your newsletter!” post to make up for my tardiness. There have been a couple announcements posted on the front whiteboard that I want to make sure get some press.

President’s Day
Monday February 17th – 5:30-7pm – Old City CrossFit Total
We’ve done the CrossFit Total (Find your 1RM in the back squat, strict press, deadlift) in the past a couple times, but we have a NEW event for you this year. The class schedule for that day will be be the same through the 4:30 class where they will do the daily WOD taht is programmed. Then we’ll have a special 90-minute class from 5:30-7pm for you to complete the following.
– Power clean 1RM
– Push press 1RM
– Back squat 1RM
– 500m row

Show up early to get in a good warm up, and Coach Jason will lead you through each movement.

Friends & Family WOD

The last Saturday of every month, you will be able to bring as many friends and family members in to the gym for either the 9 or 10am CF class, FREE OF CHARGE! We will have a partner/team WOD programmed on these days with lots of scaling and movement options for those friends and family who might be very new or nervous about Crossfit; don’t worry though, there will still be more challenging versions of each WOD for those of you looking for a harder sweat.

We want everyone to see how awesome Crossfit can be for people of any and all fitness levels (and give you a chance to show off all your sick gainz)!

The first bring your friend day will be Sat, Feb. 29th!
Please have your guests signup in advance HERE.

*Upcoming announcements*

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

– Long workout with some bike sprints and dball shouldering. Work on your bike wattage and transitions on the dballs.

– Heavy back squat volume and some rowing intervals.

– Double strength with some power clean and jerk cycling we worked on end of January. Pairing this with heavy front squat.

– Long workout putting to use some barbell cycling that we’ve been working on with the EMOMs on double strength days. Hey, weird how it works like that.. practice something than you put it to use in a workout.

Pistol skill work and some Turkish get ups with more of your favorite goblet squats.

Saturday – Double KB/DB press work and a workout EMOM with more pushing (push ups) and some weighted sit ups.

– Open gym + Gainz Club + WODTrain + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!