Strength 1
Split snatch

Strength 2

“West Coast” front squat

Power snatch – 95/65
Pull ups

**Wrapping up the work week with our double strength day. This should look similar to the week of Nov 19th when we hit these same two movements. Reps are a tad different, but this is a good chance to work on these movements again back-to-back, and hone your technique specially on the split snatch.

The workout has the look of “Fran”, substituting power snatches for thrusters. I envision this taking 7-12 minutes. Since the snatch is more technical than a thruster, I’d suggesting scaling the weight to go faster v going heavier/Rx and trying to power through it with singles. Use a weight you can move – 21s in 3-4 sets, 15s in 2-3 sets, 9s in 3/2/singles.

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