24 min AMRAP
25/20 cal row
6 Dball clean – 100/60
12 Toes to bar

**Going long early this week. You might notice a movement that looks somewhat familiar – dball clean. I’m trying to figure out the best description of them – dball shoulders, ground to shoulder.. something else? – however, we’re doing more than that today. We’ll be squatting with these bad boys today. Watch the video above.

Biggest challenge here is to not curl the ball. I should take a step back and say the challenge is in getting a good handle on the ball. You’ll really have to get your hands under it as you would to get it up to your shoulder. Now is when technique comes into play – will you use your hips to get the weight up or try to curl and drop under it? This is a good workout to scale down the weight to make sure you’re doing the movement correctly – ie, *not* curling and dropping.

We haven’t done med ball cleans in quite awhile, this might be a new movement for many, so take advantage of the warm up time and drill drill drill the technique with the lighter med balls as you build up to your working weight for the workout.

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