Skill/Technique work
Handstand push ups


12 Wall ball (20/14)
9 Dbl DB Power cleans (50/35)
6 Dbl DB Racked lunges/leg (50/35)

**As mentioned in the newsletter, we’re still getting in our gymnastics skill work. We hit up toes to bar last week, and today we’ll be getting inverted. Plan to work on hollow holds, getting upside down, and doing some pressing. Movements up to the coaches, but we want you to have a plan.

The workout will use the upper body a bit with the wall balls. Reps here should be enough to go unbroken each round, so I expect some fast times here. A couple notes from the videos – as shown for the power cleans, only 1 end of the DB needs to touch the ground. For the lunges, you can lunge either forward or backwards, but dumbbell handles should be parallel to the ground as in the video. Alternate those steps as if you were walking.

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