Back squat
Heavy 5


6 Burpees
6 DB Hang clean & jerk – R
6 DB OH lunges (3/3)
6 Burpees
6 DB hang clean & jerk – L
6 DB OH lunges (3/3)

Rx – 1-50/35 DB
^Lunges – step forward on rounds 1/3, step backwards on rounds 2/4

**Oh man.. gotta love starting off the week with squats, amirite?? Last week at 5s, then we’ll transition to 3s the rest of the month.

The workout has us doing some clean and jerks again (more to come), but with a single dumbbell. You’ll notice we’ll knock out reps of C&J on one side, followed by overhead lunges before repeating with the weight in the opposite hand. We’ll also be challenging you to work on directional lunges with weight overhead – stepping both forward and backwards depending on the round. This is a great way to determine which way you’re stronger and which direction you need some extra attention.

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