Push jerk

For time:
50 Air Squats
5 Clean & Jerks 225/155
40 Air Squats
4 Clean & Jerks 225/155
30 Air Squats
3 Clean & Jerks 225/155
20 Air Squats
2 Clean & Jerks 225/155
10 Air Squats
1 Clean & Jerk 225/155

**I love that we’ve been doing a lot of press work from the racks recently, which I hope you’ve been enjoying as well. We’ll build to a heavy jerk, then use a similarly heavy weight for this workout. Take care of those shoulders, though, especially after all the overhead work this week.

Those air squats are a basic movement, but they’ll add up when you realize how much hip drive you need for the jerk. I expect these reps to be singles. And I anticipate the workout lasting no more than 15 minutes. Rep out the squats, stay strong on the (power) clean and jerks.

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