Sumo deadlift
Heavy 5

20 DB Snatches (1-50/35)
20 Lunges# (1-50/35)
#Each round, alternate the direction you step for the lunges

**Pick things up, put them down. Sumo deads follow the heavy 8s we did 2 weeks ago. Use them legs!! PUSH your feet into the ground and PRY the weight off the floor. The set up is more vertical than a conventional deadlift, so you might find yourself using more quads than hamstrings and glutes for this movement. And taller folks find this a bit more forgiving on the low back.

The workout that follows is pretty fast – you’re always moving. Time is spent moving vertically and horizontally. Note that today you’re being TOLD which direction to step on the lunges. Usually it’s left up to you, but this time you don’t have the luxury to choose. Why are we doing that? So you don’t get so used to always stepping forwards or backwards everytime you see lunges in the workout. And you might find for dumbbells you prefer stepping forwards, but with the barbell your jam is to step backwards. And we’re here to help you make these discoveries. <3