Strength 1
Heavy 3

Strength 2
Push Jerk
Heavy 3

**First time building up to a heavy clean on its own. This has usually been paired or coupled with a clean pull, or front squat and jerk, but today you’ll get a chance to work on the singular movement. There’s always the temptation to go heavy, but I love days like this to really dial in the technique – where’s the weight in your feet? Are you jumping forward? Are you keeping the bar close to the body? Do you need work on your rack position? Lots of things to think about, and work on!

We hit a heavy 2 for push jerks back on October 7th, so use that for reference today. Reminder, double strength days are about the Olympic lifts, not CrossFit per se. The latter is more about speed and intensity and cycling the movement(s). So the jerk today, even though it’s written as a heavy 3, should be thought of as 1-1-1 and not 3 fast reps.