Power snatch + Overhead squat
Heavy 3


12 min AMRAP
30 Double unders
2+ Hang snatches (115/75)

*Starting off with some snatch work – ground to overhead, then right into an overhead squat. Heavy 3 means you’ll be doing PS/OHS, PS/OHS, PS/OHS until you can’t increase the weight anymore for that couplet. For many folks this is a good time to work on overhead mobility and snatch technique. No need to go heavy if you haven’t mastered the movement.

We’ll put that practice to use in the workout where we’ll combine the two movements and do it from the hang (knees) instead of the ground. Each round, the reps on the double unders will stay the same, but the reps on the hang snatches will increase by 2.. 2,4,6,8, etc. Any time the bar is put on the ground, you need to come to full extension with it, and then go to the hang before snatching it overhead. For those proficient in double unders, the goal is to go unbroken on the set of 30. For the snatches, there will be some strategy involved in how to pair up/break up the snatches. Avoid doing singles and having to put the bar down as much as possible.

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