Back squat
Heavy 8

Jumping lunges (2=1)
KB Swings (70/53)

**The floor at the middle section of the rig is back, and what a better way to christen it again but with back squats to start off the week. Cardio squats, but not like the volume we did last Monday with the 3 sets of 20 (oh boy!). As always, let’s not sacrifice form for a heavier weight.

Speaking of cardio and volume, we’ll get the blood pumping in your legs even more with some jumping lunges. Gotta get the right and left side done for 1 REP to count. Yep. Volume. The KB weight is on the heavier side and the video as the demo as Russian (shoulder/eye level) swings, but you can go higher if you want – so long as you aren’t wrenching your back to do so.

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