250m Row
5 DB Hang split snatch – R
5 DB OH squats – R
200m Run
5 DB Hang split snatch – L
5 DB OH squats – L

**Bringing in a new movement today – the hang split snatch. What I love about this movement is that it will make you think about which leg/arm to move at the same time. You think that skipping/Mario Skips in warm up is just for fun? It gets you moving right arm with left leg, and left arm with right leg. If you’re comfortable doing a split jerk with the same leg up front, we’re forcing you to get out of that comfort zone and split with both legs equally. The movement should go pretty quickly since it’s from the hang, but we still want you working on proper splitting technique, especially footwork on the recovery.

Getting in some more overhead work with the dumbbell. I believe we’ve been doing this movement once a month the last three months, so hopefully it’s starting to feel a little less awkward. The reps are low enough that you should, even if moving a tad slower than normal to stay under control, be able to do all 5 at a reasonable weight. Yes, we want you to use the same weight for the snatches and overhead squats. Get in a good warm up that works on your shoulders and lats to improve your overhead mobility, as well as your ankles, so you can move well on this workout.

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