For time
400m run, then

10 RFT
6 Burpees over the bar (OTB)
5 Power cleans
4 Front squats
3 Push press
2 Thrusters

Then, 400m run

Rx – 95/65

**A lil’ barbell cycling with a 400m run to open and close this workout for you on Halloween. The barbell weight is intentionally light to keep you moving. This should be more cardio than strength based. Going Rx can be tempting when you see this weight, but can you cycle through these four movements without putting the bar down? Additionally, make sure the movements are separate and you’re not ‘clustering’ them together. What I mean by that is the fifth power clean should be just that, a power clean, and not turned into a squat clean to make that your first front squat rep. Your final front squat should include a slight pause before you do a push press so it’s not a thruster. Same goes for your third push press into your first thruster. We clear there? And with your burpees, the movement is completed when you jump over the bar. It is the holiday season, so I want to make sure everyone is being honest.

Now go out there and have fun.