Strength 1
Snatch high pull + hang squat snatch

Strength 2

Pull ups
5-5-5 (strict)

OR *if you already have at least 5 strict pull ups..

3x max effort weighted pull ups

**We’re wrapping up the week with our double strength day, which is a repeat from 9/14.

Notes from that day..
*Key points here on the snatch pull are really getting that triple extension (ankles, knees, hips fully extended, aka ‘open’) with the shrug. And keeping that feeling in mind when going for the hang snatch. Yes, it’s with a squat. If that’s still a bit intimidating, do a hang power snatch into an overhead squat. Don’t get too comfortable with the latter and throw on the weight for a heavy complex of the now triplet – snatch high pull-hang power snatch-overhead squat. Dial it back, get the technique right for the hang snatch, so we can eventually take the movement from the ground.

Push last week (dips) pull this week (pull ups). Have strict pull ups? Cool. Add some weight. Still working on your strict pull ups? That’s great! Here’s some dedicated class time to use the bands, do some negatives, strict ring rows, and get in some DB rows or banded pull downs to build up those lats. Every little bit helps.

And since it’s Friday, be sure to get in some bicep curls. Leave looking more swole than you did when you came in.