500m row
400m run
30 Power cleans (115/75)
20 Push ups

**Rowing AND running?? Well, let me be the first to say ‘you’re welcome’ before all the words of praise for this cardio feast start rolling in.

Oh, but look beyond those first two movements and you’ll see the strength and gymnastics work. The weight listed might look weight, but don’t discredit the number of reps each round. Yeah.. if it doesn’t look heavy, it’ll definitely feel heavy by the end of that first round. We’ve been doing power cleans from the ground and hang with barbells and dumbbells at least once per week for the last month and a half, with the heaviest at 155/105 back on September 24th. But this isn’t about how heavy you can go, but how quickly you can move the weight.

Oh, and those push ups.. don’t forget about those. After a lot of pulling, your arms still need to push. Avoid trying to dominate one movement and failing on the other. Aim to finish each round in under 8 minutes, and not have your arms fall off by the end.