Every 2.5 minutes

15 Air squats
12 Sumo deadlift high pull (SDLHP) (75/55)
9 V-ups

**Squatting one day to hinging the next. Up and down to back and forth. See the difference, feel the difference.

Going ever 2 minutes today, we’ll do five working sets. Get in a few warm up sets to feel the movement pattern not just of the hips, but of the bar path.

The SDLHP is a little ‘squattier’ than the conventional deadlift, and we’re keeping the weight intentionally light here to hopefully do the reps unbroken. A common error with this movement is to bend the knees before the bar has passed them as it travels back to the ground. This is very similar to rowing, when you bend your knees before the handle as passed your knees as your return up the slide towards the fly will. The path of the bar/handle is interrupted, leading to disjointed or as I like to say, ‘janky’ movement. We want to be as smooth as possible.