Front squat
*New set every 3 min

12 min AMRAP
10 KB push press – R
15 Goblet squats
10 KB push press – L
15 Goblet squats

Rx – 53/35

*Starting off the week with some front squats. Keeping you in check with the ‘time cap’ for each set. Keep in mind, that with these ‘heavy’ and ‘time capped’ strength workouts, the intent is to keep you moving and resting during a fixed amount of time. The goal is to build up to a heavy weight at the listed rep, not to find a #rep max. You should end the session feeling like you could do 1-3 more reps.

The workout keeps you squatting, but with a single kettlebell. You’ll use that same weight for push presses each arm, alternating them with the goblet squats. Press, squat, press, squat. Complete as many reps and rounds as you can in 12 minutes.