Strength/Skill work
Handstand push ups
-More advance work, too, such as free standing holds and handstand walks.

5 min AMRAP
7 Dips
14 Single KB jerk (53/35) – (7/7)
100m KB Rack carry (53/35)

*rest 2 min, repeat – pick up where you left off

**We know handstand push ups, or some variant, will be in the CrossFit Open. It’s just a matter of figuring out what week we’ll see them. With that in mind, get in some good inversion practice today.. but don’t go too crazy *just* in case we see them in Friday’s workout.

We’ll still get in plenty of shoulder/overhead work afterwards with the dips, KB jerks, and racked carry. If you plan on coming in Friday, make sure you get in some good shoulder and upper back mobility work afterwards to say loose.

Daily Podcast
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