Back squat
Heavy 5

10 min AMRAP
Dbl DB G2OH – 45/30

**Bringing back the 5s on a *few* of our lifts – squat and press – so keep an eye out for the latter sometime this week (see the weekly blog post for that spoiler. We’re giving you plenty of time to work up to that weight.

The workout is short but intense. It’s a couple of burpees and double dumbbell ground to overhead in the form of an ascending ladder that increases by 1 rep for each movement every round. The DB weight is lighter than usual, so expect to see some high scores here. Even though you’re going fast, remember to OPEN YOUR HIPS on the burpees, and press the DBs overhead – not out in front of you – keeping your arms in-line with your ears. Have fun with this one.

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