Heavy 3

For time
50 Deadlifts – 225/155
100 push ups
50 Hang power cleans – 135/95

**Wrapping up the week with some pressing. Hopefully your shoulders/upper body have recovered from Monday’s partner workout. Strict press here, so make sure you’re keeping those legs nice and solid. Just because it’s the arms moving the weight doesn’t mean the lower half isn’t working, so squeeze squeeze squeeze everything from the chest down as you’re moving the weight overhead. The workout includes some pressing with the push ups. We haven’t done high volume push ups in awhile, so I recommend breaking these up early into manageable pieces so you don’t burn out. You’ll still need your arms for the hang power cleans – at a lighter weight than the deadlifts – but try to use your legs as much as possible to jump the weight up. Same with the push ups, try to break the reps up for deadlifts and hang power cleans into manageable pieces. Avoid doing singles on the HPC as much as possible.

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