Snatch grip deadlift
Heavy 3

In 2 min, complete
60 Double unders
Max power snatch – 115/75
Rest 1 min, complete a total of 5 rounds

Score is total number of snatches.

**I’m not sure which I like more – the snatch grip deadlifts, double unders, or max effort power snatches after the double unders. I’d love to know your thoughts after this workout.

The snatch grip DL is a great way to prepare for the power snatches as you’re really focused on body and bar position before jumping the bar overhead. Arms are straight and bar is close to the body. One more time – arms remain straight, and the bar is close to the body. Drill, drill, drill. There’s also body angle and shoulders over the bar and… but only focus on bar path and your arms.

In the workout, the snatches are the main focus. This will be a good test to string together high reps double unders (try to go unbroken? break them up early in 20s or 30s?) and then control your heartrate to get the bar overhead. This is a weight the stronger peeps should be cycling 2-3 reps. Even if you need to scale it, see how many you can get in while keeping your hands on the barbell.

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