25 min AMRAP
500m Row
30 Sit ups (20 GHD)
20 Amer KB swings – 70/53
10 C2B pull ups

**Going from a short workout right into our long workout, so this is perfect for you ‘sexy metcon’ lovers. A few things I like about this – aside from rowing – include the higher rep of sit ups (work to move fast in sets of 10s or 15s with a short break), the higher skill movement of chest to bar pull ups, and I want to challenge you to swing higher with the heavier kettlebell.

I overheard some people talking about last Thursday’s workout of push ups, air squats, and KB swings, and there was the debate of Russian vs American height on the swings. Well there’s one less rep today than in Thursday’s workout, but now you *have* to go overhead. Notice that the standard for the movement includes ear in front of (I’ll take in line with) your arms, hips and knees and elbows locked out, and the bottom of the KB pointing up. I’ve seen a lot of variations of overhead swings, but these are your three points of performance.

“But what about…”

This is the standard. This is the standard for American KB swings no matter the weight of the bell.

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