Skill work
Handstand push ups
EMOM x 12
1. Hollow Hold or (hollow hold progressions)
2. Inversion hold – against the wall, feet on a box (add in shoulder taps), or free standing holds/progressions.
3. Handstand push ups – strict or kipping, HSPU off a box, downward dog position, or seated press.


Tabata – 20 sec work, 10 sec rest

1.H andstand push ups (or handstand hold)
2. Jumping lunges
3. V-ups
*Rotate through all 3 movements, that’s 1 round. Complete a total of 8 rounds
*Score is total reps

**Gymnastics filled day, starting off with some handstand push up work. Full body workout (mostly sans weight), hitting all the things today!

This version of a tabata workout has you rotating through all 3 movements to complete 1 round. You’ll complete that round a total of 8 times, counting all your reps. No additional rest is built in, so this is a very intense workout.