Heavy 5

“Death by calorie”
Starting at 3 calories, EMOM you’ll row +1 calorie until you can no longer complete the number of calories required.
Min 1 – 3
Min 2 – 4
Min 10 – 12.. etc.

*A great combo today of deadlifts and rowing. We hit the set of 5s most recently on 1/4, right after you came back from holiday break. Last Saturday was 3s, so you’ll likely see 3s again before switching it up in the coming weeks.

As always, the deadlifts are deadstop style, with a few touch and go on the early rounds to get used to it for when deadlifts pop up in workouts (last Saturday). After 1-3 TG sets, switch to deadstop and really think about bracing your core, and driving your feet into the ground to pry the bar off the ground.

Similar technique can be used for rowing – brace and push off the foot stretchers. There’s going to be the impulse to lean back when you drive, but try to stay as closed or as compact as possible (until the handle passes your hand) before you open up and start to lean back then bend your elbows.

I tested this out last Friday or so and made it through the round of 15 (started at round 1 for 1). How far can you get?