Power clean + 2 Jerks

Strength 2
Step back lunge
3 x 14 (7/leg)

Super Set
Single arm DB high pull
3 x 8

**Mid-week break dedicated to Olympic lifting, and today it’s the clean. Added the squat on Monday, but today we’ll just do a power clean with the focus on the jerk. Preference here is for push jerks, which are commonly used in workouts over a split jerk. Today is about trying to cycle 2 heavy (but manageable) reps.

The second portion shifts the focus to the lower half with some step back/reverse lunges. These will be taken from the rack with the steps alternating. Unilateral work at its finest!

These will done as a super set with some more unilateral work – single arm high pulls. The only other time you’ve seen this movement is part of a sumo deadlift high pull. The emphasis there is on the legs driving the weight up, but today the focus is on the arms, particularly the shoulder and biceps. What’s great about this movement is it’s a chance to find imbalances in your right and left arm. Maybe the SDLHP bothers your shoulder due to an imbalance. Or maybe your strict pull ups are suffering because one arm is stronger than the other. Start off with a moderate weight, pull through the full ROM, and add these to your training as you work on pull ups. See how your weighted and bodyweight pulling, as well as shoulder health improves, from week to week.