Strength 1
Power snatch + Overhead squat
Heavy double

Strength 2

Front squat

*Optional accessory work (for fun!)
For time
Weighted wall sit – 45/35 plate

^Legs at 90 deg, with butt-shoulders-head against the wall. Hands off your legs/body.

*Okay, so we aren’t technically doing a CashoutWOD anymore, but this is a fun way to work the legs after squatting today.

But first start off building to a heavy double (PS+OHS, PS+OHS) and knocking out front squats for 5s. We’ve had a pretty tough week with some intense workouts, so let’s slow it down and focus on technique for a bit. Yes, it says ‘heavy double’, but keep that form in check. If it doesn’t feel awesome, stay at a lower weight until you’re confident your form was good enough to move up in weight.

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