Heavy 5


30 Double unders
10 Thrusters – 95/65

**These press workouts for 5 can be tough, sometimes frustrating that you max out so early. Slow it down, y’all! This is a great time to stretch out your Tspine on the barbell with this movement..

Do you find that you carry a lot of tension in your neck and traps? Smash ’em!

The time allotted doesn’t have to be giving solely to moving the barbell; move yourself to make moving the barbell easier, less painful, or more efficient.

The workout is a riff on CrossFit Open workout 17.5. As for timing on this, I see the stronger athletes – those that can do the double unders unbroken and have no problem with thrusters at this weight – should finish around 8-10 minutes. Others in the 10-15 minute range, at most 17-18 minutes. I don’t think we’ll be putting a hard time cap on this workout. However, most times when we do a metcon following strength the idea is to keep it around 5-15 minutes long.

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