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The week ahead.. September 4th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you are enjoying the long holiday weekend.

And, shout out to the Chalk for making a return to the gym! Now we can get back to business as usual.


Reminder that Monday, September 4th, we only have open gym from 7-9am. A workout will be posted if you’re not sure what to do. So you can come in and tackle that, maybe get in some technique work on some lifts or spend some time working on your mobility. The time is yours, so make the most of it.

I wanted to highlight a couple of events coming up there were mentioned in the newsletter that went out September 1st. Check that, as well as the Old City Community Group on Facebook for more details.

September 7-10th – Chicken Processing – Marion, VA – Take part in the humane process of farm to table processing of chicken. Can’t make it? Check out the EVENT listing on how to order meat and poultry from Sean’s cousin and have it by Sunday night.

September 9th – Spartan Sprint Race – There is still time to SIGN UP to join a dozen other Old Cityzens. Use promo code SUMMER25 to save 25% off.

Saturday, September 23rd – CrossFit Total. Find your 1 rep max for bench press, back squat, and deadlift.

Sunday, September 24th – Goal setting Workshop – This is a 2 hour workshop that will guide you through our step-by-step goal setting process that we’ve been outlining over the past few months via our blog posts and Facebook videos. Check the newsletter for the link to sign up.

Piggy backing on the goal setting workshop, I’m going to have a short blog post/race report, reviving my “Ultra Running with Jen” series from this Spring, about a race I did this weekend. I know I said I’d include my goals in one of these weekly posts and have you help ‘keep me accountable’. And now I’m 2 weeks late and no one checked in on me.. *blank stare* .. but I’ll get it out there this week, and link it here. Quick version, I need to not only make goals for myself, but make them specific, and actionable. If you’ve been following the goal setting series of posts, that should sound eerily familiar. I don’t want to steal the thunder of the workshop later this month, so I’ll leave it to Sean and Katie to dole out the specifics.

Here’s a preview of the workouts for this week..

Monday – OPEN GYM. You do yo, boo.

Tuesday – Back squats. Backing off a touch, but still building to that 1RM coming up in a couple weeks. Following this with a little barbell sprint.

– Pressing followed by a couplet of pressing. Working in different planes of the body.

Thursday – Deadlifts and sticking with another couplet of two gymnastics (bodyweight) movements.

Friday – This will be a grinder – physically and mentally. Have your jump ropes at the ready.

Saturday – Get in some good practice on your Olympic lifts for the full hour.

Let’s have another great week.

Show up, do work.