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The week ahead.. September 25th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Imma start off by saying HOLY SHIT WHAT A WEEKEND!

Okay now that I’ve calmed down – phew! – let me tell you why I’m so excited, and sounding like Sean all of a sudden.

First off – big, big showing at classes, open gym, and afterwards for the CrossFit Total on Saturday. Talk about PR city!! Now when we do those movements for strength you have a new weight to go off of. Well done and well deserved for your hard work over the months. Missed out? Try to get to open gym on the weekend and test them so you don’t have to keep guessing.

Speaking of open gym.. HUGE announcement in that we’re bringing back the 9-11am open gym on Sunday mornings. This might be new to some people, but to us old hacks, we’ve been asking for it over the last 10 months when it was dropped due to lack of attendance. So if you want us to keep it, SHOW UP! Now we’ll still have the Hero WOD programmed for the 5:15pm class, but you can come in early and get it done in the morning.

You’ve also probably noticed we’re selling FitAid and LifeAid drinks up by the coaches desk. Each can is $3 plus tax ($3.17 for those with exact change, or we can charge it to your account). Let a coach know and we’ll hook you up after class so you can start recovery from the workout.

One final note, we take a picture of the board at the end of every day and post it to Twitter. The handle is written at the bottom of the board, but if you miss it, you can follow the link here for the Old City White Board. And if you see a picture missing, say something to a coach. Cool? Cool!

Let’s get down to business and see what we’ve got coming up this week.

Monday – Starting off the week with a sweet little chipper. Most workouts are couplets and triplets (2 or 3 movements), so a chipper is usually 4+ and pretty random. This is a mix of running, gymnastics, and some barbell work. Show up and see what’s up.

Tuesday – Overhead work with overhead squats. The workout is a couplet that should get your heart pumping.

– Front squats and a spoiler alert that we’ll be doing 1RM testing for these next Thursday. Another couplet, but throwing in a heavy barbell.

Thursday – Another little chipper, but with more organization and dumbbells. You’ll want to bring your jump ropes, too.

– Closing out the week with back squats and a hero wod. You know that means you’ll have to dig deep.

Saturday – I’ll be honest and say there’s a good chance most people will either like this one or hate it. Why? Because it focuses on weaknesses, especially with the gymnastics movements. And I encourage you to show up and work on your weaknesses; not just for this workout, but any workout that has something you don’t like.

Sunday – OPEN GYM 9-11AM + normal class/Hero WOD at 5:15pm

Let’s have another great week!

Show up. Do work.