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The week ahead.. September 11th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

What a weekend! First off, congrats to our Spartan participants this weekend!


Oops.. here’s our troops after battle.

#swoon #sostrong #somighty

I wanted to reiterate a few things that are on the board at the gym as well as part of the newsletter that went out September 1st. We’ve got a few events coming up in the next few weeks..

Saturday, Sept 16th – H Street Festival – noon to 7pm. We might need a *few* more volunteers to help out with the Haymaker/Port City/Old City party we’re throwing. Need assistance checking IDs, selling beer and FitAID, as well as other odds and ends throughout your shift. In return you get all the free food and drinks you want. Sounds fair to me! Check out Sean’s posting in the Old City Community Group on Facebook.

Additionally, classes will go on as scheduled that day with the 9AM and 10AM classes, as well as Open Gym from 11am-1pm.

Saturday, Sept 23th – CrossFit Total 1-3pm. Lift with your bros and brahs(?) and find out how stronk you are in the bench press, back squat, and deadlift. If you can’t make it in the afternoon, the morning classes will be doing the total as well. Get after it!!

Sunday, Sept 24th – Goal setting workshop – Katie & Sean will be hosting a 2 hour workshop that will guide you through our step-by-step goal setting process that we’ve been outlining over the past few months via our blog and FB Videos. This will be a highly personalized workshop, so spaces are limited. The workshop will cost $30 for Old City members. Sign up here to reserve your spot now! If you have questions, you can email Coach Katie.

Let’s talk about the workouts for this week, shall we?

Monday – Starting off with a Hero WOD. Shouldn’t be a surprise to many based on the date.

– A little surprise snatch work followed by some dumbbells in the triplet afterwards.

Wednesday – “Grace”. Back squats to follow. No surprises here, not pulling any punches. Grace is the priority today.

Thursday – A spicy little triplet today with some heavy deadlifts. They shouldn’t slow you down *too* much, but should be heavy enough to get you going unbroken on them.

Friday – Heads up, deadlifts. BUTTTT… if you came Thursday and warmed up and/or scaled appropriately, these shouldn’t be too bad. Following it up with some time on the bike and busting out the dballs again.

Saturday – Runnin’ and snatchin’.

Let’s have another really really good week. And make it especially good by making sure this doesn’t keep happening..