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The week ahead.. October 9th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

It looks like summer came back this weekend. Uh! I thought we were done with the humidity. That might put the fleeces and vests and decorative scarves on hold for a bit, but it won’t stop the consumption of a barrage of pumpkin spice everything, ammirite??

I want to give a shout out to the weekend crew of coaches and members who not only keep the classes going, but show up to keep themselves accountable by hitting X many classes a week. Open gym is there for you to work on weaknesses – rope climbs, double unders, rowing technique, high box jumps, etc – make up a workout from earlier in the week, or even finishing a workout that you might’ve been capped out on. Take advantage of open gym Saturday 11am-1pm and Sunday from 9-11am. Then come back for yoga Sunday night to help recover.. especially if your quads are still shot from Karen on Wednesday. Check the schedule for all the classes we offer on the weekends and weekdays. We still don’t have an 8am weekday class.. or an 8:30am, 10:30am… or whatever odd hour people keep showing up at. Check the schedule, yo!

Reminder, too, that even though Monday is a federal holiday, there are no changes to our class schedule. And see last few sentences of previous paragraph.

Tuesday! Run club meets at the gym at 6AM. Route varies, distance varies, but you’re in good company! Check the post in the Community Group on Facebook for any updates.

Saturday is the Spikeball Tournament! No team? No problem! Sign up and we’ll find you a partner. Not sure how to play? Learn on the fly! I bet most of you started CrossFit without knowing how to CrossFit. OOOoohh!! hashtag guilt trip. hashtag signup

Sunday is PumpkinFest over at Wunder Garten in NoMa. Old Cityzen Aaron Miller and his band The Perfectionists is one of the highlights of the event. So get your day drinking started early and support a good cause!

That should cover announcements for the week, so let’s see what workouts we’ve got coming up..

– Starting the week off getting swole with some bench press. Follow this up with a quick little chipper that won’t feel as bad as 150 wall balls.

Tuesday – Deadlifts for strength followed by a ‘Cindy, but not “Cindy”‘ workout. Intrigued? Show up!

– Here’s the long workout for the day. Yes, you’ll be running, but you’ll like the break from the kettlebell.

– Heavy barbell day. The strength portion will look similar to a strength complex we did last week, but you should be able to put a little more weight on the bar today. This will carry over to the workout – heavy weights, low reps.

– Front squat 1RM day. The workout to follow involves the erg. That’s all I’m going to say. But I’d LOVE to see a great turnout as I can see this getting a bit competitive.

– Little chipper from the CrossFit Games this past summer. If you haven’t picked up on it during your time at Old City, this will show you how scaleable CrossFit really is.

Let’s have another great week!

Show up. Do work.