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The week ahead.. October 16th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Shout out to Sean and Liam, the new Old City Spikeball Champs! Thanks for coming out on Saturday to either participate or spectate. It’s always good to get out of the gym and use your fitness gains. If you’re ever out and about in a local park, either looking for someone to play Spikeball, Bocce ball, or walk a slack line.. post about it on the Community Page!

Also.. how ’bout that erg workout on Friday, huh! Never underestimate the suck of the erg. There were some great times posted – and a few of those already broken – but give it a go at open gym sometime, either one or all four of the options (1k, 500m, 250m, 10 cal). See if you can topple someone from the leaderboard or even beat one of your personal times.

Short on announcements this week, but I did want to remind everyone to take a look around the cubbies from time to time, and maybe take your bottle(s) home and give them a good washing once in awhile. Also, there’s some stray shirts, shorts, and possibly a pair of socks lying around. Is it yours? Again, take it home or else they’ll be donated (to the trash) soon.

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to see what’s coming up this week, so let’s get on to the workouts.

Monday – Nothing says ‘bring it, Monday!’ like some good ol’ back squats. Also bringing sexy.. I mean, dballs back.. in the workout to follow. Maybe wall balls, too, but don’t tell your quads.. Shh.. Next week I’ll post again about how the strength workouts rotate.

– Benching with some DB rows. I like this combo of push/pull. You might see something similar in the workout with a lesser used ‘push’ movement.

– Deadlifts get heavy today. Squeeze them lats! Not sure what I mean? Check out the video that will be posted with the workout. Triplets are a theme this week, and here’s another that looks easy on paper/on the web.

Thursday – Three simple movements, but this might take awhile. You’ll also see another version of it next week. Use this to gauge your fitness on longer events, then use next weeks to test it when done with fewer reps.

Friday – Interesting combo here with snatches and double unders, so bring your rope. The strength competent might look similar to what we’ve done the past 2 weeks, but we’ll get back to single movements again soon. Complexes are good for the soul.

– A little variation of one of the Team Series workouts this year. Mixing things up by including these and Games workouts from time to time. Should be ‘fun’.

Sunday – Hero WOD. Come in and knock it out at open gym from 9-11am, or show up for class at 5:15pm. Stay after and recover doing Yoga with Katie at 6:30pm.

Let’s have another great week.

Show up. Do work. And take some gum.