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The week ahead.. November 13th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you stayed warm this weekend and gave thanks to a Veteran. We’re back to normal schedule this week.

With the holidays upon us, I’ve heard some rumblings from people about programming during that time. Workouts will be programmed as normal, with no change in the rotation of the strength workouts. If you’re staying in town, we’ll have Open Gym Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a workout programmed each day. And if you’re going to be traveling over the holidays and have access to a gym, get in the workout. You can also try to get to another CrossFit gym, or checkout the workouts in my blog post about working out when traveling.

I also want you to take the next few weeks to think about how far you’ve come in your CrossFit journey this year, whether you started 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or over a year ago.. what have you accomplished? What do you WANT to accomplish? What will it take to get there? Might be a good time to get together with your coach to talk goals (and Christmas lists.. 😉 ) and get a jump on that before 2018.

Sound like a plan?!? Hell yeah!

Let’s take a look at the workouts coming up this week.

– Starting off the week with a little ass kicking riff on the workout “The Chief”. It is one of my favorite workouts, combining power, speed, endurance, strength, gymnastics.. it’s CrossFit. The four timed intervals allows you to push yourself 100% each time, recover, and come back for more.

Tuesday – Getting in some overhead squats today, so try to get in early if you know going overhead is a weakness and get in some extra mobility work. We’re also busting out the kettlebells afterwards, so GET YOUR WRIST WRAPS OUT, Y’ALL!!

Wednesday – Bringing back the barbell today and throwing in a complex within a timed set. The weight isn’t *terribly* heavy, but it will definitely be challenging when you have a time to beat.

Thursday – One of two times we’ll be using the Dballs this week, but putting a “spin” on the movement.

Friday – Wrapping up the work week with some back squats and some carries. Loaded carries are a great way to build strength and should be something you include in your every day life. Deadlift stalled out? Carry a heavy KB. Struggling to string together pull ups? Take a stroll with some DBs. Want to get jacked shoulders and a tight core? I think you know the answer^^

Saturday – Speaking of jacked shoulders, getting swole with some bench pressing and then carries of another sort. Remember what I said on Thursday?

Sunday – Keeping up the tradition of Hero Workouts. Can be done at open gym from 9-11am or during class at 5:15pm. Test yourself mentally and physically.

Let’s have another great week!

Show up, do work.. and KICK ASS!

^^And it’s not just from lateral raises and planks!