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The week ahead.. May 1st

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Welcome to May, and welcome to 1007 H Street! You’re going to LOVE the new space! Plenty of space inside for bikes, to hang out before and after the workout, and new equipment that is arriving this week – bars, weights, jump ropes, GHD, more ergs, etc!

Remember, we have an open house on June 10th. Check out the Facebook event for more information and let us know if you’ll be there.

Let’s get right to it and talk about the workouts this week..

Monday – Breaking in the new digs with some deadlifts, and a little twist on the girl wod “Diane”

Tuesday – Going overhead for strength, then testing out the running rou

Wednesday – Finally some heavy squats. If you’ve never tried lifting shoes, try out some spare pairs in the red cubbies and look into investing in some of your own.

Thursday – Here’s a classic CrossFit chipper workout. Bring your jump rope and bring your endurance cuz it’s gonna be a looong workout.

Friday – Back squat day, and three short amraps for the wod to get your heart pumping.

Saturday – Testing out that 400m loop, which is a LEGIT 400m, so don’t surprised if your times go down.

Sunday – Hero wod with HEAVY deadlifts.

Let’s have a GREAT first week at the new digs.
Show up. Do work!