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The week ahead.. May 15th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Can you believe we’re already half way through the month of May and 2 weeks into the new joint. How are you liking the place so far? Too big? Not big enough? Floor too level? I put that ‘X’ on the floor as a reminder of the old digs. Now let’s not go as far as busting holes in the wall anytime soon. C’mon now.. give it a few more months.

Couple things to point out. The 200m route from last Wednesday’s deadlift/200m run workout was *actually* 100m. My bad. Adjust that in your wod books. Actual turn point is at Union Square (R) before the alley, and at 717 10th (R).. will make sure this is confirmed that that we have markers out there for the next workout.

Memorial Day schedule – check the white board when you first come in.. BUT we’ll have normal schedule Friday and Saturday, Hero WOD “Murph” at normal class time of 5:15 on Sunday, NO YOGA that night, May 28th. Monday, May 29th we’ll have “Murph” at 8AM and 930AM. Mark your calendars.

And I’m putting the final touches on my race report from the MMT 100 miler last weekend. Hard to believe a full week has gone by already. It will be a 2-parter first talking a little background about getting back into trail running and ultras again, and recap of my races leading up to MMT. Part 2 will be about the race itself. So keep an eye out for both.

Here we go with the workouts for the week..

Monday – Easing into strength with some press, then a cutesy little barbell complex.

Tuesday – Remember how to do Turkish Get Ups? If not, you’ll learn quickly.

Wednesday – Deadlift day.. followed by a deceiving little triplet.

Thursday – Spending strength working on a clean/jerk complex. Followed by a little ditty on the erg.

Friday – Front squats and getting gym-nasty today!

Saturday – Showing the dumbbells some love today. How ‘dem forearms feeling?

Let’s have another great week.
Show up. Do work.