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The week ahead… June 19th

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Hey gang..

We made it through another week, and a HOT one at that! Speaking of ‘hot’, how are your buns feeling from the Bulgarian split squats, single leg RDLs, and lunges? Did I miss anything?

Hey, I wanted to start off by saying if you have any questions about the programming or you wanted to tell me about your likes or dislikes, or figure out who I am (I coach 5,6,7am and sometimes workout at 430pm.. hai!!), please feel free to Shoot me an email, because I’d love to hear from you. It can be anything from your thoughts regarding the use of the Crossover Symmetry bands or you can just tell me “I love doing Bulgarian split squats soooo much”, etc.

And speaking about the Crossover Symmetry bands, I wanted to share a blog post from another CrossFit gym that talks about the shoulder – major muscles and joints – as well as the biomechanics, or how it moves. Give these two pages a good read as we spend more time building bomb proof shoulders.

A few announcements of upcoming events
July 4th (Tues) – CLOSED

July 9th (Sun) – SUP – Direct link to the sign-up page can be found HERE. More information about the event, only open to current Old City CrossFit members, can be found HERE.

**EDIT – Apparently some people are getting an error message when clicking on the links. I’m working to get it fixed.**

Okay… let’s talk about the workouts for the week.

Monday – A little twist on a bit of a classic CrossFit workout. No strength programmed, but I think you’ll find you still need plenty of strength to get through it.

Tuesday – Working on some Olympic movements, snatch in particular, and the strength portion will give you a chance to break it down a little bit to work on technique. Use what you learn in the workout.

Wednesday – Taking a break from unilateral work to bring back those front squats. How’s your rack position? Spend some extra time working on that mobility. Nice little dumbbell workout to follow.

Thursday – Gonna get outside and run a bit today, and sandwich that run with some gymnastics and barbell work.

Friday – Dialing it back on the back squats a little bit. Just because we’re not going as heavy doesn’t mean you should speed through them. Everyone can work on hip, ankle, and thoracic mobility between sets. Jump ropes needed, but we’re going to make it ‘easy’ for everyone.

Saturday – Getting back under the bar again to bench. If you didn’t find your 1RM for the bench press last week, here’s your chance, otherwise you’ve got some 5×5 work to do. Make sure you’re recording your weights! Bring those jump ropes again, too.

Let’s have another great week.

Show up. Do work.