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The week ahead.. June 12th

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Hey Old Cityzens!… and hopefully greetings to some New Cityzens!

What a great week, huh?! It was awesome to see so many people at the Grand Opening of 1007 on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the food from Federalist Pig and the samples from Vegetable + Butcher. And be sure to check out Summit to Soul along Barracks Row in SE DC, as well as Farmbird just a few blocks away by Whole Foods. Let’s carry this enthusiasm over into this week.

I wanted to start off by saying we’re going to be focusing on shoulder health this month. You’ve probably seen the hooks on the rig and the carabiner of bands over by the mobility tools. It’s part of a system called Crossover Symmetry, which is a “medically designed shoulder system proven to eliminate pain & optimize performance.” We’re going to slowly introduce this into the warm up the rest of the month and include some additional shoulder specific drills and movements to improve mobility and stability.

We’re also going to replace the strict press day for strength with the bench press. So *spoiler alert* on Friday we’ll be finding our 1 rep max on the bench. This announcement should give you plenty of time to make your own ‘trap cut tshirt’.

Best way to follow up that announcement is to lay out the plans for the week.

Monday – Girl WOD. We’ll get this out of the way first and follow it up with some Oly-based strength.

Tuesday – Getting in some single leg ‘aka – unilateral’ work.

Wednesday – Good chance to put that strength work from Monday to use, paired with some running. This might surprise you, especially after the strength work on Tuesday.

Thursday – Back squat. Sh*t be gettin’ heavy, but hold off on pushing for that 1RM. We’ll drop back next week (deload) and build back up. Testing will happen again late August or early September. Short little couplet afterwards will open some eyes.

Friday – Bro sesh day with the bench press. Not taking the entire hour on this, but we’ll be hitting some other pressing plans in the wod to follow. See how those shoulders are feeling after using the Crossover Symmetry bands.

Saturday – Deadlifts and deadlifts. And double unders, so bring your rope.

Sunday – A little twist on the Hero wod this week as we’ll be doing the Reps for Rescue workout. Check out the link and read more about the cause.

I hope you’re as excited about this week as I am. So let’s make it a good one!

Show up. Do work.