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The week ahead.. July 31st

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great week! What did you think of those D-balls on Wednesday?! I hope you’re ready for some more this week! We’ll also be getting on the bikes this week, too, for more than just warm ups. Get pumped!

It’s been great that everyone gets in early to knock out the Crossover Symmetry work. Keep it up! But I want to let you know about one other program included, and that is the Iron Scap program that is on the back of each board. I heard someone ask the other day about a way to help strengthen their shoulders, not just warm them up – THIS IS THE PROGRAM TO DO THAT! I know that I have strength issues when going overhead, particularly when squatting or snatching, and this is what I do to improve my shoulders and get them prepared to support a little more weight overhead each attempt. I also know that I need a lot of time to warm up before going overhead, even before knocking out pass throughs with the PVC pipe. So both programs come in handy.

The video linked above and here shows you how to do the movements as they are different than the ones we warm up with. Check them out and work with your coach to help you through them. Try to work it in at least 3x a week. Let me know how it goes!

Let’s get on with the workouts for the week..

Monday – Snatch/Oly day. For many, this is a skill/technique day. Good day to get in your Crossover work, and make sure you nail your lifts before adding weight. It’s okay to spend the entire session with an empty barbell.. drill, drill, drill. And bring your jump rope for the chipper to follow.

Tuesday – Front squats and balllzzz

Wednesday – Getting in some triplet work here, and building on each movement by increasing the level of difficulty each round. Sound intriguing? Come check it out.

Thursday – Squat and bikes. Get ready to suff.. I mean, have fun.

Friday – Getting in some gymnastics skill work today. A nice complement to the bench sesh, as this is a bit of a deload week. Hopefully you all were able to get in 1++++ reps last week… yes??

Saturday – Deadlifts and a barbell triplet. This might be one that’s as hard as it looks.

Let’s have another great week!